ILA Body Oil for Vital Energy, 100ml

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This light and nourishing body oil combats daily stress and revitalizes the body’s bio-energy field. 

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ILA Body Oil for Vital Energy, 100ml

Deeply nourishing, the uplifting blend of wild-crafted Juniper Berry, Rose Geranium and Rosehip Seed Oil not only smells exquisite but works to combat stress and revitalises the body’s bio-energy field, leaving you better prepared for whatever life might throw at you. Skin feels fortified and protected, spirits feel lifted, and your heart is instantly recharged.


• The blend of essential oils cleanses and energise the body, remove toxins, restore energy to the cells and – breaking news – reduces cellulite.
• Argan, Almond and Rosehip Seed Oils are rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids which penetrate the deep tissues and stimulate circulation.
• Wild-harvested Juniper Berry cleanses and purifies
• Rose Geranium and Lavender stimulate the lymphatic system


For best results, smooth gently onto damp skin after a shower or bath.


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