ILA Bath Oil For Glowing Radiance, 200ml

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A milky blend of oils and sugar that work to soften and renew skin without stripping moisture.

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ILA Bath Oil For Glowing Radiance, 200ml

This sweet, soft Rose scent envelops you in a satiny coating of feminine essence. Lying in the bath with this oil, you can feel your heart unfurl and your shoulders dropping. The perfect pre-date bath or soul soothing treatment when you need to connect with yourself and just let go. You can also rub this nourishing oil into your skin, before soaking in the bath and watching it turn milky. Utterly delicious.


  • Oil and sugar to create a natural and nourishing milk bath.
  • Tuberose to improve the capacity for emotional depth, and is renowned for its relaxing, warming properties.
  • Vetivert for its grounding, comforting and balancing qualities.


For a luxurious and calming bathing experience, pour under hot, running water and allow to disperse.


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