ILA Bath Salts For Cleansing – Refills, 500g

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Let your troubles float away as your body soaks up the salts’ rich healing minerals, restoring balance, strengthening your bio-energy fields and revealing a youthful glow.

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ILA Bath Salts For Cleansing – Refills, 500g

One for burnt out bodies and anyone suffering from joint pain or arthritis, these cleansing bath salts tick all the boxes. Rich healing minerals remove toxins, leaving skin soft and thoroughly cleansed while puffiness and swelling are reduced. Cellulite is hit hard, too, along with sluggish circulation. You emerge from the bath transformed.

Available in handy refill packs, so top up your empty jar with the 500g bag, or pour into your own watertight container.

• Juniper Berry strengthens and protects the body’s energy field
• Rose Geranium and Lemongrass cleanses negativity and revitalises the bio-energy field
• Alpine Lavender stimulates circulation and removes pollutants.


Pour one to two tablespoons into a hot bath and simply soak for 15-20 minutes, giving your body time to absorb the rich minerals and healing elements. Follow with Body Oil for Vital Energy to further enrich the experience.


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