ILA Body Oil For Inner Peace, 100ml

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The luxurious formula helps to rebalance dry, oily and irritated skin for long-lasting comfort.

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ILA Body Oil For Inner Peace, 100ml

Packed with essential oils, this body oil nurtures and nourishes. Applying it is like gently brushing your body with a feather. It gives a light auric protection. Excellent to combat those grim days of low lying angst, it restores clarity and balance to skin and spirits while the delicate floral aroma helps to calm the soul.


• Sandalwood calms inflamed cells and stimulates wellness hormones.
• Ylang Ylang reduces nervous anxiety.
• Indian Sandalwood Oil hydrates and heals.
• Jasmine Oil nourishes skin, increases elasticity and relaxes the nervous system.
• Ylang Ylang Oil has a euphoric and sedative effect, helping alleviate anxiety, shock and fear.
• Argan and Rosehip Seed are rich in Vitamin A, omegas 3 6 and 9, and anti-inflammatory oleic acids which help fight wrinkles and heal scar tissue.


Apply to dry or damp skin after showering or bathing (ideally with Bath Salts for Inner Peace) to balance dry, oily or irritated skin and enhance feelings of emotional wellbeing. Works beautifully as a massage oil, too.


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