ILA Essence Of Joy Reed Diffuser, 100ml

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Fill your home with joy with this natural reed diffuser.

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ILA Essence Of Joy Reed Diffuser, 100ml

 Perfect for burnt out bodies, the divine aroma soothes mind, body and soul with a delicate, light touch. A delicious combination of fragrances, the uplifting sweetness of Jasmine and Tuberose unites with the calming freshness of Vetivert, leaving you happy and free.


• Jasmine relaxes the nervous system and mind.
• Tuberose calms and soothes while expressing a vibrant happy sweetness.
• Vetivert is grounding and revitalising, helping to dispel anger, irritability, and mental and physical exhaustion.


Insert reed sticks into the glass bottles to absorb the essential oils. Then place the bottle and reeds in desired location to allow the essential oils to diffuse naturally into the surrounding air. Flip the reeds occasionally to refresh the scent.


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