ILA Life in the Fast Lane 432 Mist, 30ml

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For when you’re time short and energy driven, this Aura Mist is a perfect energy restorer whether on your way to work, a meeting, the school run, the gym or even the airport, it supports ,rebalances and re-minds you to breath.

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ILA Life in the Fast Lane 432 Mist, 30ml

Why 432? It is said that 432hz is the frequency of peace. It is also the harmonic intonation of nature; the ultimate vibration of calm and peace. We blend our essential oils in our 432hz crystal bowl before blending imbuing them with this vibration 

Magic Properties:

  • Bergamot brings joy and helps us release tense irritability, accumulated stress and unexpressed feelings. 
  • Clary Sage is relaxing yet also provides mental and emotional uplift.
  • Rose Geranium is known as a ‘happy oil’ that restores emotional harmony and balance
  • Tuberose is one of our most relaxing ingredients that bestows a sense of calm, providing relief for stress and anxiety


Use several spritzes at a time around your head and body. Focus on inhaling the Aura Mist in calm, measured breaths for up to 1 minute.


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