ILA The Big Sleep Drops, 15ml

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ILA The Big Sleep Drops have a somniferous and calming effect to help you sleep deeply.

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ILA The Big Sleep Drops, 15ml

Combining calming chamomile, the soporific effects of belladona and the nurturing qualities of orange blossom and liquorice, the mind and body are lured into a moment of calm before sleep takes over. 

For the full relaxation, check the full ILA Big Sleep Line- The Big Sleep Bath Salts with magnesium and Himalayan salt to help you close the day in a calm manner before a restorative sleep, The Big Sleep Mist with harmonising amethyst, soothing lavender, and happiness hormone-promoting jasmine extract. 


As your final liquid intake of the day mix 3 -4 drops with a small glass of water, or alternatively place 4 drops under the tongue.


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