ILA The Big Sleep Mist, 30ml

40.00 AZN

ILA Big Sleep Mist bring calming and soothing energies that help to battle insomnia, release stress and inspire dreams.

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ILA The Big Sleep Mist, 30ml

At ila we know that sleep doesn’t always come easily whether you are a business traveller, a new mother or someone who suffers from anxiety and life’s fast pace. The Big Sleep Mist is a quietly potent combination of plants and gemstone, including amethyst, lavender and jasmine. 

Check the full ILA Big Sleep Line- The Big Sleep Drops with chamomile, medicinal shea, orange blossom and liquorice extracts with a calming effect to help you sleep deeply, The Big Sleep Bath Salts with magnesium and Himalayan salt to help you close the day in a calm manner before a restorative sleep. 


Use up to 5 pumps of the spray, on bed sheets, pillow cases or over the bed. Lying in the bed, take 10 slow, deep inhalations to completely relax the mind and body.


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